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Biographie Though the part is destined to soar, the method of machining is often slow and earthbound. For aircraft structural components, a common approach to machining involves laying the part beneath a gantry. That gantry may move at a relatively slow feed rate because it carries three spindles at a time. Certain large aircraft parts will continue to benefit from this approach, particularly long and narrow stringers. However, a single high speed spindle moving at high feed rates may be able to machine some monolithic parts fast enough to compete with the productivity of a gantry making three identical pieces at once. And when the high speed spindle machines in a horizontal configuration, both quality and efficiency stand to improve in a variety of ways.

In fact, where aircraft part production is concerned, ¡°high speed¡± and ¡°horizontal¡± go together. The Horizontal High Speed Machine is about making chips fast, and horizontal machining is about getting those chips out of the way of the cutter. A horizontal design also saves on floor space, and certain newly developed machines for large aircraft parts employ work-changing that takes advantage of a horizontal orientation.

Buying a machine like this is no idle purchase for any shop. Much of the payback has to come from the opportunity to realize a significantly more streamlined process for milling large parts. But some of the return on investment can also result simply from the switch to horizontal high speed machining, and the many process advantages this change can deliver that are specific to aerospace production.

The BMP 200 is suitable for high-capacity manufacturing of round, oval and rectangular paper cups, with production speeds of up to 240 cups-per-minute. Paper Cup Machine operations include high-integrity shell winding and sealing, bottom punching, bottom sealing and top curl forming. These separate operations guarantee great flexibility to suit individual requirements. Adjustments on the machine are fast and simple and an exchange of tools can be carried out quickly. Standard features include a precision high-quality indexing system, central electrical control cabinet and infinitely variable speed of the main drive. Other features are 3 position hot air stations for side seam sealing, and a unique sealing function for a high-integrity bottom seal. ICE and Horauf Machinery Group, LLC, 156 Waterville Rd., Avon, CT 06001. Tel (860) 677-5891; fax (860) 677-7994.

When it comes time to label your cans or bottles, there are many different label options on the market. Many people decide on BOPP or traditional paper labeling technologies for their bottles, but a Paper Sleeve Machine provides an interesting alternative with several benefits. Sleeve labels provide a greater range of design options and are more durable than other label types. Here's what you need to know about the sleeve labeling machine:

More Durable Labels

The material that is used in shrink sleeve labels is highly resistant to tearing and damage, especially once the shrink sleeve is around your container. In addition, the actual image and text are printed on the inside surface of the label, and the synthetic coating is on the outside, so the label is less likely to fade or get damaged by water. It also makes the label scratch resistant.


One of the biggest challenges that bottlers face is creating a label that fits smoothly over their bottles. If you have decided to go with a unique bottle shape or size to stand out from your competitors, it can be even harder to make a traditional label work. Using a sleeve labeling machine will allow you to utilize a 360 degree design that contours tightly to your bottle without creasing or losing clarity in the curves.

If your product requires a tamper evident seal, a shrink sleeve can accommodate this. Increasing the film¡¯s height and/or adding a t-perf, horizontal perf, or vertical perf are all options. Most sleevers can perform these functions when properly equipped. A decorative label that is tamper evident is a win-win.

A Paper Bowl Machine is a cost-effective way to label your containers with high quality and durable labels. These labels are made of stronger materials that provide a significant boost in your ability to take advantage of the shape of your container all the way around. You will find that sleeve labeling technology is widely available from major labeling equipment manufacturers. It takes advantage of the latest in digital printing, synthetic labeling materials, and the 360 degree design that has been proven to be a successful marketing strategy. These techniques have proven to increase profits for companies.

Packaging Automation is the process or procedure of packaging a product without human assistance. Packaging Automation can range from individual equipment to simple process or complete packaging lines. They can be as simple as automatically forming and sealing cartons to fully automated packaging lines that seal, stack and unitize entire pallets of goods. Ancillary Equipments provide smart workflows and eliminate redundant tasks, allowing them to do more with less.Our solutions use advanced technology and automatic packaging machines to reduce overall packaging cost. This can include the reduction of required labour, improve material consumption and increased throughput. Consistent throughput rates allow for accurate material usage estimates and improved ordering and storage. 
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